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About the Latest Fire in LA and Your Eyes

Brush Fire in California

Lately, I have been receiving numerous calls and patient appointments regarding itchy and red eyes, as well as contact lens discomfort, caused by the latest brush fires in the Los Angeles area and the surrounding cities.

Here is what to do:

1- Stay indoors as much as you can.

2- Try not to use your contact lenses. If you do, then you must use Contact Lens lubricant for Soft or Hard contact lenses.

3- Use artificial tears more often, even 6 to 8 times a day.

4- Wear Sunglasses to protect your eyes against the wind and smoke.

5- Use a face or mouth mask to stop further lung irritation.

5- Avoid using the air conditioning in your car, but if you do, please face the vent downward to avoid air blowing directly to your eyes.

If redness and discomfort worsen, do not hesitate to contact your eye care professional.