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Eye Lid Twitching

Optometrist, asian girl rubbing her eyes in Redondo Beach, CA

It’s quite common and completely harmless. Most twitches usually only last a few minutes, but sometimes it can persist for days or longer. The medical term for this condition is “Myokymia”.

If twitching doesn’t go away, this could signal a serious neurological condition affecting the eyelid.


Causes can include stress, fatigue, eye strain, caffeine, alcohol, dry eyes, nutritional deficiencies, and allergies.


Reduce your stress by doing yoga, relaxing and getting enough sleep.

Try to reduce your eye strain by spending a minute looking into the distance for every 20 minutes you spend on the computer.

Drink decaffeinated drinks for a week to see if that changes anything.

Reduce or stop alcohol consumption.

Lacking certain nutrients, such as magnesium, can trigger the eye twitch.

Allergies can lead to itching, swelling and watery eyes. By rubbing the eyes, histamine release will take place, resulting in a dry eye condition.

Over the counter artificial tears will help to resolve the situation. In the case of persistent eyelid twitches, it can be treated using Botox injections.

We also treat nearsightedness, also known as myopia.